How Our Experience Can Assist Your Company

In technology-related ventures and companies, success can often depend on attracting and motivating team players. Clarifying your company’s rights, as well as those of its team players, include issues of compensation and ownership of developed technology. Addressing these issues can help to motivate your team and keep its key players, while reducing the risk that unfair competition and trade secret issues will arise. Our lawyers have years of experience in both negotiating these agreements and in litigating the related issues that can arise.

Technology Acquisition, Development, and Collaboration

Whether your company exercises its intellectual property rights competitively or in collaboration with others, the key to business success can be finding a way to monetize or create income streams from your innovations. Our lawyers are familiar with licensing strategies and skilled in negotiating licenses. We also advise clients on licensing, joint development and other business development agreements. We represent clients in the electronics, medical device, software, digital video system, personal alarm, printing and apparel industries. Our attorneys also advise clients in evaluating the technology of other companies and individuals.

Intellectual Property Protection

Next to your team, a company’s most important asset may well be its intellectual property. Our lawyers can help you develop and execute cost effective strategies for acquiring, enforcing and exploiting your intellectual property. We also work with registered patent specialists to obtain patents for your intellectual property, when appropriate.

By preparing confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and trade secret audit programs we routinely assist clients with identifying and protecting trade secrets and other confidential information. We also represent clients in disputes involving all types of trade secret misappropriation and unfair competition claims.

If litigation becomes a required means of enforcing your company’s intellectual property, our lawyers, with their top notch trial skills and intellectual property backgrounds are ready to assist your company.

Our lawyers are often contacted when a dispute has resulted in litigation and constitutes a “bet the company” proposition. Our lawyers will work with your company to tailor solutions that make business sense and achieve strategic objectives.